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Rerun’s mission is informed by the desire to protect our environment and to build sustainable business in Africa by recycling usable shoes in the United States.

Rerun Shoes was developed as a social enterprise.  We apply market-based strategies to achieve a social purpose, in our case promoting environmental consciousness, conserving resources, and promoting social justice. Our model relies on increasing awareness of why we need to engage in resource conservation, and the confidence that consumers want to behave in a manner that protects our planet.  We are interested in extending the life of the two billion plus pairs of shoes imported into the United States each year.

Consumers who recycle their shoes for reuse help provide employment at home and abroad. They also avoid the wasteful practice of disposing useable shoes in a landfill. Rerun’s activities help feed the family of a micro-entrepreneur in Liberia, Guinea or Mali, and protect the feet of someone walking the streets of Monrovia, or playing soccer in Bamako.

The principal of Rerun Shoes, Michael Aronson, has been active in textile and shoe  recycling since 1993.  He has extensive experience working in West and Central Africa where there is a need for shoes recycled for reuse.

Rerun Shoes uses sound business strategy to generate a sustainable flow of usable shoes away from disposal and toward reuse in the developing world.
Rerun Shoes works with all types of organizations: from retail stores and schools to health clubs, running clubs and non-profits who want to recycle shoes for reuse.

We are a full service footwear recycling company working to:
• Divert shoes from the waste stream in North America to reuse in the developing world.
• Provide consumers an opportunity to make a difference in a simple cost-free manner.
• Stimulate local employment for a semi-skilled population in need of jobs.
• Support the development of business enterprise among micro entrepreneurs in West Africa.
Rerun provides everything needed to run shoe recycling programs free of charge including the freight to ship shoes to our warehouse.  We look forward to designing customized recycling-for-reuse programs based on the specific needs of organizations who want to help protect the environment with this recycling activity.


Rerun Shoes
P.O. Box 898
Amherst, MA  01004

Address to ship shoes for recycling:
Rerun Shoes
Rear Entrance
532 Main St., Suite 131
Holyoke, MA 01040


413 306 4504

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