Giving New Life to Your Old Shoes

About Rerun Shoes.

photo of shoes in a closetStarted in 2009, Rerun Shoes was created to help people here in the US and in other parts of the world recycle old shoes.

To begin with, you are helping collect used, and unwanted shoes through our collection and fundraising events in your schools and houses of worship, in addition to providing shoes (in good condition) to children and families in the neediest nations. Our shoes provide opportunities to micro-businesses throughout the African continent.

Those shoes hibernating in the back of your closet want a new home. That’s right — those shoes in the corner — and the four pairs on top of ’em. They want to travel — and not to some landfill in the suburbs. They are hopping with excitement for a trip to Africa, to a new home and the feet of someone who needs them…

Michael Aronson, has been active in textile and shoe recycling since 1994. He has extensive experience working in West and

photo of Michael Aronson
Michael Aronson

Central Africa where there is a need for shoes recycled for reuse. Michael travels extensively in under-developed countries as he continues to look for new opportunities to create micro-businesses and help those who need it most.

Find a recycling location near you

We recycle nationwide. Please contact us at for information about shoe recyclers in your area. In your request please be sure to provide your name, zip code, and telephone number. We will respond with information about recycling partners in your immediate area. To suggest a location for Rerun Shoes or submit a more detailed inquiry CLICK HERE. We will be sure to contact the locations you suggest.

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Rerun Shoes
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