Our Partners

Shoe Recycling Fundraiser is designed specifically for organizations seeking to combine environmental action and fund raising activities.

Shoe Recycling Fundraiser pays you for gently used shoes which they then sell to micro-entrepreneurs in various African nations. Your fundraiser saves landfill space and supports economic development in Africa where affordable footwear is greatly needed.

Best yet, children and families in the poorest countries of Africa typically have poor quality shoes or no shoes at all, and affordable footwear is in short supply.

You help when you create a fundraiser to collect gently used shoes to be shipped to Africa!

The Step by Step Sustainable World Fund turns your footwear donations into funding for social and environmental action in your community, and the rest of America.

The Step by Step Sustainable World Fund is making a difference in global environmental health and the social fabric of societies less fortunate than our own by changing the shoe-earing behavior of “change and toss” to “recycle and re-purpose”. Gently used shoes are consolidated at a warehouse in West Springfield, Holyoke Massachusetts, graded for quality, and then shipped to consumers in Africa.

Donated shoes in front of a church
Donated shoes in front of a church