Recycle Shoes Here

Photo of pink Keen sandal

Rerun Shoes is a social enterprise with an environmental mission. Our mission is to promote a better environment and help people in need by pulling usable shoes from the waste stream in North America for reuse in African markets. Rerun supplies micro-entrepreneurs in Mali, Guinea, Morocco and Liberia with shoes they recondition and then sell to people in local markets. The used shoes we collect provide income to small entrepreneurs and affordable footwear to the kids and adults who need them most.

Why Rerun Shoes

Every year, more than 2 billion pairs of shoes are imported into the United States. Many are worn and then discarded into garbage dumps. Many are only worn for a short time and then forgotten in the backs of closets. From our very start, we saw those shoes as important, reusable assets that can find a valuable life elsewhere in the world… fueling businesses, providing needed footwear, and best of all, not languishing in closets and garbage dumps in our communities.

Today, the work that Rerun does helps feed the family of a micro-entrepreneur in Liberia, Morocco, Guinea or Mali, and protects the feet of someone walking the streets of Monrovia, or playing soccer in Bamako.

And you thought shoes were just about style!