Rerun Shoes is Sustainable

“People can change their own lives, provided they have the right kind of institutional support. They’re not asking for charity, charity is no solution to poverty. [The solution to poverty] is the creation of opportunities like everybody else has, …so bring [opportunities] to the poor people, so that they can change their lives.”

— Dr. M. Yunus, Winner of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize, and creator of the Grameen Bank, a model for supporting micro-entrepreneurs worldwide.

Your shoes promote sustainable business in West Africa.

Recycling your shoes supports West African microbusiness by providing a steady stream of shoes directly to small-scale entrepreneurs in developing countries. These entrepreneurs recondition the shoes for sale or distribution. Working with you, together we offer these hard working individuals an opportunity to provide for themselves, their families, and their communities.

By recycling usable footwear — street shoes, dress shoes, running shoes, sandals, and children’s shoes — You serve the environment and provide employment opportunity to West African micro-business.

See how you can do even more to help at The Sustainable World Fund.

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Photo of African micro-entrepreneur
Micro-entrepreneur Conakry, Guinea

Sustainable Development

Inspired by the United Nations World in Balance: Brundtland Report, Rerun Shoes supports sustainable development by working to meet the needs of present populations without compromising the opportunities open to future generations.

Sustainable development incorporates two key concepts: that the essential needs of the world’s poor should be given priority; and that the earth’s environment is limited in its ability to meet present and future needs.

This concept guides the definition of appropriate economic and social development for all economies — and Rerun Shoes’ philosophy.

Rerun Shoes provides an opportunity to participate directly in sustainable development with our shoe-recycling program. Recycling shoes yields both environmental and social benefits, simultaneously generating benefits for your local organization and our planet.

photo of used shoe market in Africa