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Giving New Life to Your Old Shoes

Those shoes hibernating in the back of your closet want a new home. That’s right – those shoes in the corner – and the four pairs on top of ‘em. They want to travel – and not to some landfill in the suburbs. They are hopping with excitement for a trip to Africa, to a new home and the feet of someone who needs them…..

Recycle shoes here.

Rerun Shoes is a social enterprise with an environmental mission. We are committed to sustainable development.  Our efforts divert usable shoes from the waste stream in North America to reuse in African markets.  Rerun supplies micro-entrepreneurs in Mali, Guinea and Liberia with shoes they refurbish and bring to market. Shoes we supply provide the ability to earn an income to small scale entrepreneurs and affordable footwear to their customers.

Learn more about how recycling your shoes sustains microbusiness in Africa.

contact: info@rerunshoes.com

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